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Soon to be offering socially distanced youth development role playing games in small groups.


Are you or your youth looking for somewhere they can build their social skills even during the Pandemic? Our D6 Youth Club Small gaming groups will do just that. We will be playing Table Top Role Playing Games which means there will be no screens and participants will be interacting with each other to play the the collaborative adventure games. Participants may experience increased confidence, creativity, imagination and even become more socially comfortable.


We will play games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Rangers of Shadowdeep, X-Wing,  and other age and developmentally appropriate roleplaying/miniatures games that participants desire.


How are Table Top and other Role Playing Games helpful for confidence and socialization? These types of games are played in small groups which foster collaboration and teamwork where participants learn to manage frustration and patience. Members communicate within the small group and use their creative problem solving skills and imagination to create characters, and enjoy an adventure through storytelling.


Groups will meet weekly and follow appropriate Safe Start Washington social distance guidance.

Gaming group costs will be similar to martial arts or dance groups.  Limited scholarships will be available, please email for more info.

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